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3 Suggestions to Add Texture to Your Yoga Outfit


A simple pair of black yoga leggings tend to be the standard for most yogis. This is a beloved fashion trend that seems to withstand the test of time. Yoga leggings are often made of smooth spandex materials that can make for a relatively boring outfit if you don’t incorporate any texture. This can be an interesting dilemma for yogis who want to make their outfits more visually appealing.

What are a few simple ways that you can add texture to a basic yoga outfit? You may be able to dig around a little in your closet to find some of these fashionable items this afternoon.

Look for metallic fabrics for your top.

If you’re going to wear a pair of plain black yoga leggings, a sparkling metallic top can certainly help make your outfit pop. This fun texture is perfect for a boring winter day. You may be able to wear it to the office or for a night in town with your closest friends. Metallic fabrics can range from shiny gold foil sleeves to a sequined pattern lining the collar of your shirt.

If you can’t find a metallic top, you could also try to use some accessories like a scarf or wide headband.

Add some chunky knit patterns or fur.

During the winter, your options for textured items are practically endless. Knitted beanies and fur hats are easy items to find in local shops. These items instantly make your outfit appear cozier and more textured than a simple pair of spandex yoga leggings by themselves.

Hats and scarves are the easiest items to incorporate into a more textured yoga outfit, but you could also wear leg warmers or a thick wool sweater. Look for duster-length cardigans that open in the front with thick ribbed knit patterns and seasonal colors that stand out.



Leather and suede shoes are great for texture.

The type of shoes you wear may be a second thought to the rest of your outfit. At times, you may not even really think about what you put on your feet at all. Unfortunately, this could be a source of fantastic texture that we often forget to consider. Think about adding a layer of interesting texture with a pair of leather or suede shoes.

Wedges and heels made of the mentioned materials are great choices, but a pair of riding boots is even better. You’ll put the beauty and texture of the fabric on full display in these knee-high shoes, particularly if they are in a color that stands out from the rest of your outfit.

Adding texture to your yoga outfit is a key part of making your clothing more visually interesting. Next time your outfit feels like it’s missing an important element, you may be able to quickly identify that it just needs a splash of extra texture. You can create a one-of-a-kind outfit using some of these styling texture tips to make your wardrobe feel more well-rounded.

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