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Four Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Skin Before And After Yoga This Fall

Your skin is one of the largest and most important organs of the body, but it’s frequently neglected. Yogis carefully consider what pair of yoga pants they cover their skin with while forgetting about the importance of proper care for the skin itself. As fall and winter approach, the skin needs a little extra care to maintain its health both before and after your regular yoga practice. 

What can you do to help keep the skin healthy in the upcoming cold seasons? 

1. Hydrate Yourself

Drinking water is essential not just for the function of your body but for the health of your skin. It helps to continue flushing out dead skin cells and promote healthy skin cells on the surface. During these cold months when the skin can become flaky and dry quickly, being well hydrated is undoubtedly helpful to maintain a glowing complexion. 

2. Wash Your Face Right After A Practice 

If you tend to take yoga classes and then drive home before washing your face, consider changing up your routine. It’s better for the skin to be cleaned immediately after the workout than to wait 20 or 30 minutes until your next shower. A quick wash will rid your face of any of the toxins sweated out by the body during your practice. It also reduces the amount of salt on your skin, a harsh byproduct of sweat that can cause drying of the skin over time. 

Keep in mind that heat tends to open up your pores. It means that your pores are bound to be ready to absorb whatever is on your skin — cleansing the skin quickly after your workout helps to keep it clear through the winter. 

3. Moisturize Your Skin

Even if you don’t regularly use lotions or moisturizers, the cold seasons are a great time to make use of those items. Yogis tend to prefer very basic moisturizers as opposed to lotions filled with harsh fragrances and ingredients. Consider mixing your personal moisturizer using a carrier oil such as almond oil or fractionated coconut oil. If you prefer a light scent to your lotions, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 

4. Try Not To Style Your Hair With Heat

Placing a hot blow dryer near your face can have a significant drying effect on your skin’s health. During the fall and winter months, experiment with what you can do to the hair to allow its natural tendencies to shine. You may also be able to find more creative updo solutions that mean you can skip the drying effects of heated styling tools. This one tip can help to increase the health of both your skin and your hair at the same time. 

Taking care of your skin is just as essential as selecting the right workout clothing for your practice. Invest the time and energy into caring for your skin well now so that it can glow for the remainder of the season.

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