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Healthy Chocolate Goods

I love to eat chocolate – the milky kind. But as much as I wish to eat it all the time, it really doesn’t make me feel all that good in the long run. 

  • Here’s a super easy, creamy and delicious treat that you have ready in under 5 minutes. The only ingredients you’ll need are a can of coconut cream, two tablespoons of almond butter, one tablespoon of maple syrup, and a pinch of sea salt. Bring them all together in a blender, set aside, and chill before serving.
  • Here are some more unlikely combinations that will place you on your bum. First, because you would never think they are blended in the smoothie, and secondly because they taste so good. When thinking of sneaking veggies into smoothies, there are so many positive effects like fiber-packed and naturally sweet options. One of those is beets. It is hard to beat the benefits of beet. Place one fist-size beet into a blender, sprinkle it with a good spoonful of cocoa powder, and add a spoonful of almond butter or different nut butter you like, some more cinnamon. If you think beets don’t have plenty of healthy nutrients, cinnamon balances your blood sugar levels and even improves your breath. If you’re veggie and adventurous enough, add some cauliflower too. If you wish to thicken the texture of the smoothie, add an avocado. Like any of the nut-butter, it boosts with healthy fats, and it’s bland in flavor, so you won’t really taste it.
  • Did you think that even a sweet potato pairs well with chocolate? Well, in my books, any food pairs well with chocolate. This smoothie is an energy bomb. Bring together a baked and chilled sweet potato, presoaked dates, and cocoa powder. Add them all to a good splash of almond milk and enjoy for breakfast or a snack. It will also boost your mood guaranteed.
  • One of the sweetest summer treats must be figs. But this smoothie has one other summer treat – bland in taste and fiber-rich zucchini. Yes, you’ve read it right. The combination of the two gives it a sweet and soothing flavor. Make it super creamy by soaking some cashew nuts overnight, blending them with some water to get cashew milk. Drain it through a thin cloth and mix in with the rest of the goods. In the end, sprinkle it all with cacao nibs. I have never tasted anything so zen-like it.
  • When we’re blending, we might as well be baking. Here’s an easy healthy twist on cookies. Take a cup of Kamut flour. You might as well add some cashew nuts to the blend. They make the texture fluffier, especially if they are soaked overnight. In which case, blend and add them last, so they don’t stick to the batter all in one place. Sprinkle it with some chia seeds, a pinch of sea salt, and ¼ of a cup of coconut sugar. In the end, add 4-5 tablespoons of melted coconut oil that will bind all the ingredients together. Mesh well, tap to the baking sheet, and cut out preferred figures. Preheat the oven and bake for about 10 minutes, be careful, especially if you choose to add cashews to the mix because they like to burn in an instant if you’re not careful. Where’s chocolate? You might ask. You can add a good spoonful of cocoa powder to the mix, or even better, melt some dark chocolate on top of the cookies while they are still hot. They taste divine and give you all the energy you need to tackle your day. Plus, they draw a smile on your face. 

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